Nevena Cvijetic

Cue drum roll please for the one and only super-student, Nevena Cvijetic! Nevena is our Academics Coordinator and a Site Coordinator. She is also a double major at UNLV for public administration and health care administration, alongside being an undergraduate assistant to an epidemiology professor. It is certainly safe to say that Nevena’s persistence and determination comes from juggling all of that responsibility on the daily. Nevena can be found doing a myriad of projects such as researching common core standards for our Andson Academics curriculum and making sure that her site’s staff and supply needs are met, as well as organizing our big tutor-orientated events. “Taking on a couple jobs at once while going to school has taught me a great deal about multi-tasking,” Nevena elaborated. She muses that high school was the start of her years as a busy bee. “In my junior year I had an amazing experience with an organization called Goodie Two Shoes. I had the chance to help a young boy choose a new pair of shoes and socks, and it made me feel more connected to helping kids,” she remembered fondly. 

Nevena was born in Serbia and at the age of eight came with her family to Alaska as refugees due to the war. Not huge fans of the cold though; they scurried down here to toasty Las Vegas after two and a half years. “Thinking about my family, I know that they will always be there to support me in any of my endeavors,” she spoke gratefully. She also notes how working in a diverse environment like Las Vegas helps you find ways to discover common ground with many different people. As Nevena speaks, it’s apparent that she has an innate understanding of individuals in the world around her.