Nevada currently ranks 50th out of 51 for financial literacy among the states and DC.

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What is Andson Money?


Andson Money provides a series of in-class financial literacy lessons to students K – 12. Young adults facing life-changing choices need a knowledge base and realistic guidelines to make wise financial decisions. We have produced curriculum with lessons that range from Needs vs. Wants, to Using Credit Wisely, to Paying for College. For many of our kids, this is the first time they have been exposed to the concept of budgeting, and we are finding that they are taking these lessons home to their parents. The Andson Money program addresses these crucial issues, and we believe in making social mobility something that is possible for even the most disadvantaged youth in our community.

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Openvest is streaming online curriculum, built by teachers for your classroom. Openvest's curriculum exceeds state and national standards.

Andson Money and the Piggy Bank Program

This short video helps explain how Andson Money works, and how it ties directly into banking. To learn more about the remarkable Piggy Bank Program, please click here.

Kayla's Story

The main goal of Andson’s financial literacy classes is to teach students to be responsible with their money. We’ve structured our program so that our lessons find themselves into our students’ homes, where struggling parents are learning too. By educating the whole family, not only do our students have a brighter future, but our whole community will reap the benefits of a stronger economy. We went to Cowan Sunset High School and talked to Kayla Maliglig, a student, and young mom.

“A lot of people, when they’re young, make decisions they can’t take back. I’ve learned that it’s very important to budget your money, vs. jumping into something. You have to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. My dream is to be an x-ray tech, to graduate from college and be a successful individual. The program offered a lot of information that I wasn’t aware of, so now I’m prepared. It gave me a push in the right direction.”



Darrell was a student at Desert Oasis High School who was going through a difficult senior year. Figuring out how to transition from being a high school student to an adult has many seniors pretty stressed out. Darrell found himself in our financial literacy lessons, and began his transformation. 

Through a year-long process, the Andson Money team was able to mentor Darrell on jobs, schooling, and personal finance. “We're not taught how to plan for life," said Darrell of his high school experience. “I was taught to graduate, but we aren’t taught the basics of money.”

Darrell has since been able to secure a great job working for a major resort, and is attending College of Southern Nevada. “The first thing Anthony guided me through was the resume and getting me interviews for casinos and restaurants. I was working at a fast food restaurant with not-so-great hours and now I’m able to make $12 per hour.”

As Darrell looks back over the time from his senior year to where he is now,  he says, “Anthony provided a new outlook for me, to take a look at embracing college. This program is necessary for seniors before they graduate.” 

Darrell’s story is similar to hundreds of seniors Andson mentors and coaches through financial literacy each year. Through all of Andson’s programming, we strive to put passionate mentors in front of students, giving them the confidence and insight to succeed.