Madison Davis

Send a postcard greeting to our long distance intern, Madison Davis! She attends college in North Carolina for most of the year, so via electronic communication she uses time in between classes and on the weekends to give an extra hand at Andson. Madison is in charge of making sure all of our students are accounted for with attendance record keeping. After the initial sorting through of students, She sends these numbers out to whoever needs them. For example, Sherry uses them to inform donors on how many youth we are serving, and Nevena utilizes them to assist in figuring out the appropriate amount of staff and support needed for each site. Madison has the level head and focus to handle such a large and fluctuating sum of data, and does so with grace. 

Madison is on full scholarship for Architectural Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Prior to this, she applied to 13 schools total, got accepted into all of them, and received offers for full scholarship from five of them. “The University of Arizona campus seemed like the place for me—on paper,” she explained in her decision making process “but when I actually visited I just wasn’t feeling connected to it. North Carolina A & T is so charming and is a historically black college with such a great sense of community.” Madison’s journey into all of these successes is in part due to her many years spent in the Girl Scouts. “There is a moral pushed on us about earning everything we have, and for the older girls to always reach out to the younger! I think that is where I got my passion for community service,” she beamed. 

Madison is gearing up for a career in construction management. “The branch of engineering that I’m studying for my undergrad is always doing one, same job for every project. Construction management let’s you work with every part of the process: owners, architects, designers, etc. There’s more communication between groups.” She enumerated. Her willingness to keep up with such a demanding major while maintaining an internship from across the country speaks volumes.