Karla Avila

Watch out world for Karla Avila! Karla is a Money Coach and super fan of all things music. She can typically be found in the Andson office, at the Piggy Bank, studying at CSN, or having a Mariachi jam session with her nephews. Karla wants very much to see and be part of change in Southern Nevada education. She is especially inspired by the optimism she observes in young students. "I think as adults we limit ourselves, but children see themselves with endless possibilities. I teach them, but they teach me a lot too," she smiled.

Karla one day aspires of a career in social work. She's committed to making a difference. "I realized this job is not only another mark of experience for my resume-- but an opportunity to truly help my community. A lot of the schools that Andson partners with are around the area I grew up in. So it definitely hits home when I see the children in these schools," she reflected.

Karla loves to spend time with her six nieces and nephews, and her new dog! "We're all first generation in the States from Mexico, and very similar in age," she explained. Andson is lucky to have you, Karla!