Jelena Sekulic

Jelena Sekulic is an Andson employee with quite a lot on her plate but fear not, her eyes are definitely not too big for her stomach. She is the Site Coordinator at St. Judes Ranch for Children, and the coordinator of the Andson Access program. St. Judes is a unique experience for her. This is because unlike many of our other sites that are elementary schools and public libraries, St. Judes is a foster home. Usually our tutors are the people who spend the most one-on-one time with students, while site coordinators take a position of supervision. In Jelena’s case though, she both supervises and gets the pleasure of interacting directly with the kids due to small class size. Back at the Andson frontlines, she acts as the Andson Access Coordinator. This has her overseeing the dozens of applicants and interviews that we take in for this program. “Andson Access is our internship program that allows students to get a stipend while helping serve the most vulnerable population in our city, our children,” she explained. 

Jelena wants to help as many people as possible, and that is certainly reflected in her college major. She is a public health major at UNLV and a huge advocate for the assets that public health sectors provide to communities. “Andson in a way is public health too: we are preventive and give otherwise unattainable support and educational resources to these kids. We remedy the symptoms of falling behind,” she 

excitedly pointed out. “Public health is about equal accessibility to everyone,” Jelena added, “and I believe college should be accessible to everyone.” 

Jelena was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Growing up during the Bosnian War and then moving to the U.S., she has observed a multitude of cultures and attitudes. Jelena said thinking back, “My parents always taught me to be accepting of everything no matter what. They told me that your job is to respect everyone. I’m so grateful they taught me to be loving.” 

Jelena is truly an example of learning and cherishing life experience. And that is what we hold dear and recognize at Andson.