Hoda Hassanieh

Meet yet another fabulous member of the Financial Literacy family, Hoda Hassanieh! Hoda is as hardworking as they come and has laser focus -"My stress is actually helps me work faster," she grinned. Hoda is an Andson Money coach and cares deeply about her students' enthusiasm for leaning. She handles the building of presentations and curriculum, alongside her day-to-day preparation for teaching grade levels K-5. Hoda takes complete ownership of the sites she visits by making her rounds with all administration, students, and teachers. She really takes the time to thoroughly engage each school. "I want to make sure the children get a full understanding of what we're teaching and enjoy the process," Hoda emphasized.

As a UNLV student, she majors in kinesiology, has an internship with a physical therapist here in Las Vegas, and volunteers and interns with a surgeon in Lebanon! Hoda also minors in a special program called the Global Entrepreneurship Experience. She's very involved in the UNLV community. In her time away from responsibility she likes to see movies, go bowling, and swimming. Hoda also likes to unwind by watching Arabic soap operas. "They keep me connected with the cultures and language," she shared. Hoda's father's family lives in Lebanon and her grandparents live in California! She loves visiting both places.