Hector o. Lizaola

Give a warm welcome to Mr. Hector Lizaola! He’s an Andson Money mogul whose main efforts are focused toward the Piggy Bank Program. The Piggy Bank Program strives to help students save money, and Hector guides the students in both short and long term savings goals. “I love speaking with the kids and forming relationships with them and mentoring them to save for the future. I love that as a team we’re empowering a large group of kids. We know that what happens to them now will benefit them in the future.” he explained passionately. Before Andson, Hector served with AmeriCorp for four terms. One of those terms consisted of him helping with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Through this program, Hector helped members of our community and even became tax certified by the IRS! He truly connects to those in need. “I know taxes scare some people, so it’s cool to help them out!” Hector commented.

Hector is currently studying business at the College of Southern Nevada. “Whether it be through selling a product or a service, I want to create jobs and opportunities for others in the future with this business education.” he shared.

Hector enjoys many activities in his free time including hiking, cosmic bowling, going to theme parks, haunted houses, road trips, and travel.