Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore has always been creative. Her dreams have ranged everywhere from wanting to be a musician, to considering the realm of political activism. She is currently a theatre student at UNLV in a degree program called the Stage and Screen Acting program. Almost every week, Hannah has an interesting story to tell about her studies. Whether she takes on the role of a somber ingenue, or the role of Kimmy Gibler in a parody of Full House, she gives it all she's got. Hannah is a self-proclaimed Vegas Native, born and raised in the Mojave Desert.

Hannah interns here at Andson several days a week. Her main focus is geared towards writing-orientated projects and updating our social media on the daily. Some of the writing projects consist of helping to create new Writer's Workshop curriculum, or putting together the staff bios. Her favorite memory of working at Andson so far has been the one chance she got to read to students. "During Nevada Reading Week I went to an elementary school on behalf of Andson to read to a bunch of different classes. I had such a wonderful time sharing stories with the kids, and some of them even gave me hugs afterwards".

When Hannah is not at Andson, she spends time with her family and friends. "There are only a handful of people that I really want to spend time with constantly, but those people are my idea of fun no matter what we're actually doing." she explained. When asked where she sees herself in the future, she beamed, "I will be a master of caring for my loved ones and myself equally!"