Emilee Savage

If you had a dollar for every time Emilee made someone at Andson smile, you’d fill up a piggy bank in no time!

Emilee Savage comes to us from Nevada State College, where she is studying Elementary Education. Her love of kids is evident through her work at our Piggy Bank Program. When she is not at local elementary schools, she is back in the office hard at work, making sure every single penny is accounted for.

Emilee works hard to balance her work and school life, but despite her crazy schedule, she still puts 100% into every task thrown her way. “Love what you do and do it well!” said Emilee.

She soaks up every ounce of knowledge she can from Andson. “I hope to gain leadership skills along with teaching skills,” said Emilee. “(That) will help me once I graduate.”

When not running around, she loves to cuddle up with a good book and delicious hot cocoa. Emilee lives with lives with 5 other siblings, including one brother, one sister, two step brothers and one step sister, so it can be difficult to find quiet time. As the oldest, she hopes to inspire them all. She became the first in her family to reach her college degree, when she graduated with an associate’s degree in Special Education.