Ellen Bordinhao

Meet Ellen Bordinhao, our resident champion of the children. Ellen is the Academic Developer for Andson and has worked in the school system for 33 years. She was principal of Elaine Wynn Elementary School and now retired; Andson is a part time job for Ellen that still has great heart and purpose. “It’s innate, it’s the weirdest thing,” Ellen beams, “A little kid will look up at me and smile—I just have a gift to be with young kids. It’s something I can’t describe or explain. Some people sing and dance— I work with kids.” As Ellen’s own kids so endearingly put it, when Ellen is not “putzing around the house”, she is either at the office in the afternoon or up early on Saturday morning helping to feed the homeless. “I consider myself really blessed. I feel it’s important to give back and pay it forward,” Ellen humbly explains. During her office hours, she troubleshoots various emails and issues concerning all of our sites before visiting the sites themselves. 

Ellen came to Las Vegas looking for work in the Clark County School District after graduating from Miami University in Ohio. Although she has had an eclectic mix of jobs over time, none of them in her mind could ever compare to helping the youth. When she’s had the choice, she’s only ever worked with young students. 

Ellen frequently enjoys travel and yoga alongside of her “putzing”. She has a motor home and is always looking for new ways to use it. She even recently helped to plan and coordinate a trip to the Bahamas with 24 members of her family. That just goes to show that even vacation fun needs some organization! 

There’s so much we couldn’t do without you here at Andson, Ellen.