Elizabeth Garcia

As our website developer, curriculum researcher, and Anthony’s personal assistant, Elizabeth is truly a Renaissance woman and jack of all trades. She has a naturally blissful presence and shares that wherever she goes throughout the office. “I’ve become a lot less quiet since working here,” Elizabeth laughed. She is one of the newest members of the Andson family and a committed nursing student as well. 

“Knowing everything required in the medical field can get tiresome but when you apply the information in real life situations it’s really exciting,” Elizabeth said when explaining aspects of her major. One of the main requirements of her classes is to work hours at long term care/rehabilitation facilities in order to gain patient experience. “Most of the patients like to joke around and insist that they’re going to live forever. They have a great sense of humor,” she reminisced. Back at Andson, Elizabeth schedules meetings and takes calls for Anthony, designs and updates our website, and invests time in finding all she can for our curriculum, such as state wide and county wide educational standards. She never skimps on details. Elizabeth also realizes the importance of balancing her work with play. She likes to sing, dance, blog, Netflix watch, and spend quality time with both her dog and her good friends. 

No matter what it is that Elizabeth is doing, we’re grateful that some of it is dedicated for Andson!