Andson serves over 15,000 students per year at a cost of just $100 per student. 

Together, we can empower our children with the most precious gift of all, the gift of learning.





At Andson, your donation goes a long way. Your commitment ensures a smoother path to graduation.

Help us in our goal of assisting each child reach their full potential.

Join Andson Addition today, and help a child in our community reach their full potential:

See what your donation can do:


With after school tutoring costing an average of $35 per hour, it's no wonder families go into financial hardship, or even worse, kids are left to struggle. Your donation is the gift that gives for a lifetime. On average, $100 can cover homework help and tutoring for a child for one whole year.


We believe that financial literacy is as important as learning to read and write. In a world where most kids are ill-prepared to manage finances, Andson Money ensures that all students have the tools they need to make wise financial decisions. $100 can provide one child financial literacy lessons for one year.


$450 can fund an entire financial literacy class for one year. This includes all printed material, including worksheets, homework, quizzes, parent engagement sheets, pre and post-testing, and an Andson Money coach. Read more about Andson Money Curriculum HERE.

Education does not stand still.

Technology is increasing at an extremely rapid pace. It takes a dedicated team to constantly research best practices and align our programming to the current standards.

We are working with partners to build innovative programs and curriculum every day.

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