Diana Ritchie

To embrace the essence and flavor of life, Diana Ritchie captures that foundation through her continued pursuit of discovery and exploration. She is an avid Cross-Fit athlete that enjoys the complexities and intricacies of design and architecture while relaxing with classic literature. As those close to her refer to as Di, Mrs. Ritchie is currently building upon the Financial Literacy structure of Andson as the Program Director.  Although this position is exciting and rewarding, Diana has worn many hats throughout her professional journey.

Where did you grow up and when did you leave?

“I was born and raised in Southern California. After high school, I was accepted and attended the rigorous academia of UCLA in the pursuit of political science and business.  That was an eye opener into what our students face today tenfold as far as pressures and confusions in front of them with very little guidance.”

Prior to working with Andson, what did you do and how did it help you evolve into your current role?

“Besides an extensive twenty-three years of a senior executive role within the hotel industry, I found passion within the non-profit world. It provided knowledge and experience in strategy, development and corporate implementation, which led to the success of goals for our evolutionary and fiscal milestones. My initial experience into the non-profit world incorporated many of my previous duties. From the supervision of architectural and design engineering to the functional capacities of human resource, I grew into a phenomenal opportunity of providing mentorship to people of diverse age groups. This has definitely catapulted me into a realm and strength that I will continue to foster in this position at Andson. “

Would you say that working and travelling internationally is something everyone should try?

“Absolutely! Travelling and experiencing different cultures is more valuable than reading from a book. The smell, the taste and actually being in the environment is invaluable. It makes a person well rounded and provides them to have diverse conversations from diverse backgrounds. Life experience is a passion and tying that into education becomes an epic foundation to learn.”

I’ve noticed that you make your rounds in the office every morning with your welcoming and friendly “hellos”. What comes after this for you?

“Yes, the first importance I seek every day is to ensure that I acknowledge my team and co-workers with the warmth and appreciation that I feel for them and everything they do. I will then focus on the required reports within my arena to build upon and improve the strategies that our supporters require and expect of us for the community we serve. These expectations from our community are successful through the creation and execution of the financial curriculum developed from the cohesive division of passionate individuals striving to be there for the children we educate. Because of my duties consisting of continuous research, we are capable of implementing a strong and current financial literacy curriculum into the school district for generations to come.”

Wow. Sounds like a jam-packed day. How long have you been doing this with Andson?

I’ve been with the Andson family since August of 2014.

Does family play a big role in your life?

“Family is the root of my existence. They are the breath of my lungs and the beat of my heart. For me, my family comes first, above all. It is critical for me to be a loving daughter, sister, mother and wife. My dear friends are equally as important.  In fact, I refer to my friends as my family.”

Give us your favorite piece of advice.

“Always be true to who you are and never sacrifice or settle for who others think you should be. Life is a rollercoaster. There are many ups and downs. You have the choice to either be pitiful or powerful. I always say that to my kids in moments of question.

In all that you do, never forget your roots or those who have positively impacted your life. Never compromise who you are because you never want to be someone ashamed of the one staring back at you in the mirror. I want my eulogy to be a celebration. Dance like no one is watching. “