Community Involvement


Andson’s Financial Literacy team recently partnered with the Clark County School District's Family and Community Engagement Services. The mission of FACES is to encompass communities, families and schools to support children academically. Andson was selected to help educate and empower students and their parents through financial literacy workshops. This month our team held workshops at Garside Middle School and Fremont Middle School. We look forward to continuing to engage our students, parents, and teachers in financial capability practices that ultimately will impact our community.

Community Workshops


On Friday, February 5th, 2016, Andson hosted their second personal finance workshop for military families, this time at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Funded by the Office of the State Treasurer, Dan Schwartz, and in partnership with the Financial Guidance Center, this workshop also featured a career fair. The idea around this event was financial capabilities, meaning that teaching an individual about personal finance is more helpful if we ensure they also have the opportunity for a meaningful career. With this in mind, Andson's money team and a plethora of talented guest speakers banded together with local interest groups to provide the best guidance possible for military families and veterans.


Q and A's, formal presentations, and information booths supplied attendees with every resource imaginable. Some of the presentations made included budgeting basics like the 50/20/30 rule, preparation tips for retirement, and veteran specific issues, such as transitioning from the service into civilian life. Every guest speaker had a unique perspective and successfully connected with the audience. Guest speakers covered topics from the connection between law and finances to the trials and tribulations of building credit scores. It was an exciting and informative day.

Andson would like to thank everyone involved: The Office of the State Treasurer, Dan Schwartz, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Financial Guidance Center, Legal Aid Center, Nevada Rural Housing Authority, First Command Financial, Congressman Joe Heck's Office, Beyond Yellow Ribbon, Everest College, Vegas PBS, and Windy 25.

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Andson hosts various free financial workshops for both Seniors and Veterans along with their families. Partnering with organizations such as the Nevada State Treasurer, Financial Guidance Center, Atria Senior Living, and UNLV Veterans Services, Andson goes through a variety of topics, from prepaid tuition programs for students, to understanding retirement accounts. These invaluable workshops occur throughout the year. By connecting with Andson on social media, you can stay updated on our upcoming event schedule.

Back2Class Bash

Southern Nevada proves to be an extremely philanthropic town. What we’ve seen through collaboration, partnership, and our own initiatives is a rich landscape of non profits connecting to better our community. Andson provides services through partnering organizations for each one of our programs. We choose to create unique complementary programs, rather than duplicating efforts.

Andson also wants to be a part of this community outside of academics.  Through our Back2Class Bash, we’ve been able to provide fun and encourage community all while giving school supplies and backpacks to local families.  We choose to support our community and partner organizations alike through new endeavors and annual celebrations.