It is the intent of the Andson Women’s Education Council to work closely with the community to build awareness, to fund and promote opportunities for education enhancing the lives and well-being of Southern Nevada children K-12.

The Andson Women's Education Council Inaugural Luncheon was held at Vintner Grill on March 29th, 2016. 

The Andson Women's Education Council Inaugural Luncheon was held at Vintner Grill on March 29th, 2016. 

Welcome to the Andson Women’s Education Council.  This council is comprised of women from all walks of life, who want to help make a difference in the lives of children in our community. 

Education & Tutoring, Marketing & Public Relations, Fundraising & Donors, Volunteers, Special Events

Blue Ash, Ericka Aviles, Shan Bates, Sue Bathia, Lauren Bauer, Lorraine Blume, Arlene Bordinhao, Toi Box, Autumn Lee Briggs, Constance Brooks, Marlyn Buckley, Char Byrd, Tinah Castillo, Patricia Charlton, Jennifer Cheung Cline, Kathy Dyke, Alessandra Farley, Nazanin Ford, Leslie Frisbee, Stephanie Garcia-Vause, Felicia Gassen, Kathryne Gillett, Sheryl Goldstein, Jessica Goodman, Tammy Graham, Susan Graves, Jennifer Haft, Tami Hance, Cindy Hensley, Sandi Herrera, Tiffany Jones, Laurie Kalnin, Odette Kattak, Shellie Keller, Kelley Kwasniewski, Christina LaBombard, Kimberly Laub, Michelle Layton, Liz Lesser, Katie Lever, Jennifer Lier, Marilyn Loop, Lori Lopez, Andra Maffey, Denise, Manfra, Debra March, Lisa McAnallen, Gretchen McNamee, Jennifer McNeill, Danielle Milam, Darlene Miller, Sandy Miller, Jordan Moore, Erin Morrissey, Mary Nelson, Rachel Nelson, Victoria Papageorge, Julie Pazina, Jessie Peluso, Hannah Persons, Julie Pippenger, Karal Presley, Tina Quigley, Denise Reichartz, Laura Rubeli, Sheila Salehian, Winnie Schulman, Lynda Shea, Joyce Sherman, Marti Shulman, Daurean Sloan, Susan Stern, Aly Wagonseller, Terri Weisbord, Erika Welling, Jeanne Wilkins, Christa Wirges

The AWE Council needs your help to cultivate, lead and build relationships through resources that only YOU can provide to our children. If you are interested in joining a committee, please click here.