Ariel Decker

Give an excited “Hello!” to our resident Bill Nye the Science Guy, Ariel Decker. As a Financial Literacy Mentor for elementary students in the Andson Money program and a zealous biochemistry major, Ariel’s eclectic mix of knowledge readily commands attentive listening. In her duties as a Financial Literacy Mentor, much of her day is right with students guiding them through personal finance lessons. When Ariel is reviewing the financial literacy lessons and their homework, she takes the time to carefully comprehend every answer. “It’s good for me to read it all and for their stuff to be seen. Some are happy just to save 10 cents, so I adjust lessons based on their resources and community. It’s important to alter the lessons,” Ariel prudently brought up. Ariel was originally Anthony’s personal assistant back when he taught all financial literacy lessons on his own. As his responsibilities grew in tandem with the rise in number of financial literacy students, he soon passed on all Andson Money duties to Ariel. 

In her journey as a biochemistry student, Ariel is planning for graduate school and receiving her PHD in toxicology so she can do environmental testing. “Just imagine camping out by a lake and having to test the water five times a day and watching it for changes. It’s going be so calm and really nice,” she said with a dreamy smile. Doing all she can to help our earth is of upmost priority to Ariel, and she knows the challenges that are presented by that goal. “It’s really quick to ruin something but takes a long time to fix it! For example, if you drop a glass figurine, it breaks in an instant but trying to glue it back together is so difficult,” she used as a parallel to damage in nature. Ariel is also a big fan of sleeping and the occasional artistic plunge into painting.

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