Want to become an Andson Access Intern?

Andson Access is a program that was developed to connect youth within the Las Vegas community to nonprofits and nonprofit work. This internship provides students with hands-on experience as they prepare for the workforce.

The Access Intern will have the opportunity to work with both the Andson Academics and Andson Money Departments and help educate students in multiple ways. Interns will also have opportunities to work with our partner organizations in the community, including but not limited to the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Who Should Apply?

Enrolled College Students: We will predominantly be reviewing those who have obtained at least a sophomore standing with their school. We encourage all students to apply for the position as all applications will be considered.

How To Apply:

Please apply HERE.

When to Apply:

We are always looking for new interns to hire and we are always accepting applications, so feel free to apply today. Please understand that if you apply mid-semester, there may not be available positions.

Internship Opportunities:

This spring semester, there will be an opportunity for college students in our community to intern with Andson, Inc. as well as with our various partner organizations. The internship will start January 2016 and will last for 15-20 weeks. The interns need to be able to work 2-5 days per week (Monday-Friday) for a minimum of 2 hours per day. Times for these shifts are yet to be determined. If the interns complete 100 hours of service, they will receive a $500 grant to the college they are attending.

Internship Details:

Hourly Wage: The hourly wage for the Andson Access Intern is $10.00. To be eligible for the paid Andson Internship, you must be currently enrolled in college. Andson's paid Intern's will receive a salary of $10 per hour.

Grants: The Andson Intern will make a 100 hour commitment and will be compensated with a $500 grant to the     college they are currently attending.

Other Benefits: Other compensation may include workplace experience, resume building credentials, possible class or internship credit toward graduation, networking opportunities, references, professional development and a potential for permanent positions at Andson.


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How it Started:

In November 2014, we had the opportunity to attend LinkedIn’s Talent Connect, a conference on the process and tools of recruiting new talent to your teams. What we realized was that students these days may not stay with a company for life, but should be treated with a world-class experience for the time they are with your organization.

This is the (fairly) new concept of a “Tour of Duty.” Students are building skill sets, portfolios, and experiences, but move around in the workforce more than ever before. At Andson, we are here not only to empower students in the classroom, but we need to empower our team members, too. We have created Andson Access for just that reason – to give our Interns a world-class experience into their communities, all while networking and building their futures.

With this internship, college students will receive hands on experience in working within a nonprofit setting and they will be eligible to receive a $500 scholarship if all the requirements are met within the time frame of the internship. The student will have a choice of interning for either our Andson Administrative, Academic, or Money Internship.

Andson Access Summer 2015 Data