Homework help and tutoring is available at Staton Elementary School. If you have not yet registered for Safekey, you can do so here.  

Please complete registration for Andson homework help and tutoring prior to payment. Click here to register online.

Andson is offering homework help and tutoring daily to students enrolled in Safekey. Students will work on homework with the assistance of Andson tutors. Homework help is provided by licensed CCSD teachers. After 1 hour of homework help, the students will switch to engage in various recreational activities directed by Safekey staff. This will be a time to have students complete their homework before they go home each afternoon. We will be offering this program Monday through Thursday starting on September 14th and ending May 14th. We look forward to working with your child.

We have several payment options below for your convenience. Contact us with any questions you may have, or email your questions directly to Mary Jones at mary@andson.org.