About Andson Academics:


Andson Academics provides much needed after school homework help and tutoring delivered by CCSD licensed school teachers. In order to reach those most in need, we go to where the kids are; schools, libraries, and clubs. By offering small group instruction, Andson Academics can accommodate individual learning styles. Our program is taking those kids who were about to fall so far behind that they would never catch up and enabling them now to stand toe to toe with their peers.

Our Proven Results:

M-CAP Comparison (September 2015 - May 2016)

R-CBM Comparison (September 2015 - May 2016)


LaChel and her six children visit Rainbow Library three days a week for Andson Academics homework help sessions. Some of her children have special needs, yet all six have seen significant improvements in their grades, especially in reading and writing.

One of LaChel’s sons, Brendan, told us that through tutoring he has learned to love reading. His favorite subject is History and he loves reading stories about historical events.

Homework help is free for students and families and without Andson Academics, LaChel could not afford the quality help her children need and deserve. We could not do this life changing work without our wonderful CCSD licensed tutors and our partners at LVCCLD. If you know a child in need of homework help, see the library schedule below!

We are still looking for a few teachers to join us this year. See below how you can join our St. Jude’s Ranch team as a part-time tutor.

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