About Andson Academics:


Andson Academics provides much needed after school homework help and tutoring delivered by CCSD licensed school teachers. In order to reach those most in need, we go to where the kids are; schools, libraries, and clubs. By offering small group instruction, Andson Academics can accommodate individual learning styles. Our program is taking those kids who were about to fall so far behind that they would never catch up and enabling them now to stand toe to toe with their peers.

Our Proven Results:

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There have been over 13,620 visits to all Andson Academic sites in the 2018-2019 school year! 

How To Connect With Services

*Homework help and tutoring is on hiatus through the summer break. We will return in the fall.

Andson works in partnership with the Las Vegas Clark County Library District to bring you TEACHERS IN THE LIBRARIES, a drop-in homework help program offered FREE of charge.

Locations and times are as follows:

Centennial Hills Library     4-6pm, Mon-Thurs      6711 N. Buffalo Dr.    (702) 507-6100

Rainbow Library     4-6pm, Mon-Thurs      3150 N. Buffalo Dr.   (702) 507-3710

East Las Vegas Library     4-6pm, Mon-Thurs      2851 E. Bonanza Rd.   (702) 507-3527

Spring Valley Library     4-6pm, Mon-Thurs      4280 S. Jones Blvd.   (702) 507-3820

Sunrise Library     4-6pm, Mon-Thurs      5400 E. Harris Ave.   (702) 507-3900

West Las Vegas Library     4-6pm, Mon-Thurs      951 W. Lake Mead Blvd.   (702) 507-3980

Whitney Library     4-6pm, Mon-Thurs      5175 E. Tropicana Ave.   (702) 507-4010

Windmill Library 4-6pm, Mon-Thurs    7060 W. Windmill Ln. (702) 507-6030

As times and locations are subject to change, please contact each library branch directly to confirm program availability.

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