About Andson

Andson is a non-profit Educational Organization, offering 2 programs: Academics and Financial Mentoring. We at Andson provide much needed tutoring and financial literacy classes to low-income children of all ages. In order to reach those most in need, we go to where the kids are: schools, libraries, and clubs.

Our Mission Statement

To educate, inform, and inspire youth and young adults by delivering innovative programs in academics, financial literacy, and mentoring. We believe that delivering both financial and educational support to students, can aid not only in their academic careers, but also in their personal development. Our programs educate and empower students to achieve sound and promising futures.

Our Programs

Andson Academics provides much needed after school homework help and tutoring delivered by CCSD licensed school teachers. We go to where the kids are; schools, libraries, and clubs. You can learn more about Andson Academics and where to find us here.

Andson Money provides a series of in-class financial literacy lessons to students K – 12. We have produced curriculum with lessons that range from Needs vs. Wants, to Using Credit Wisely, to Paying for College. The Andson Money program is available is several schools throughout Las Vegas. To learn more, go here.

Piggy Bank_Banner.jpg

The Piggy Bank Program works in tandem with Andson Money to guide and inform students in their savings journey. The Piggy Bank Program allows students to deposit any amount of money, even as low as a penny. This one-of-a-kind program in Nevada utilizes volunteer tellers to make the banking experience all the more real.